Schwartzkopf and DeMartino compete for 14th House District Seat


DELAWARE – We are just less than three weeks away from the General Election in November and while many of us make our way to the polls, it’s important to understand who you will be voting for once you are staring at a ballot machine.

That’s why we are diving into one race out of Sussex County. It’s the spot for 14th House District Seat.

This is a unique race because the incumbent has been in the seat for 16 years. Democrat Peter Schwartzkopf first got into this role in 2002 and actually became the Speaker of the House in 2012. To give you some background, he’s a retired state police officer who served for 25 years.

His opponent Republican candidate James DeMartino is a practicing attorney and veteran of the United States Marine Corp. DeMartino is trying to take over and he believes that changes need to be made, while Schwartzkopf says he’s not ready to stop.

This isn’t the first time these two have gone head to head. Back in 2016, Schwartzkopf beat DeMartino.

“Two of the significant issues are taxes and healthcare and neither of those are addressed,” DeMartino says. We’re told he wants to represent the aging community and that’s a big reason why he’s running. “So one of my initiatives I want to bring more doctors to the area. We’re not providing services to the seniors here and that’s again another real issue that I want to take care of,” DeMartino tells us.

As for Schwartzkopf, on a local level, his goal is to focus on tourism. But the biggest issue is traffic. “As long as they are happy and as long as we keep them moving on that highway and not standing still, they will return and come back. Tourism is the life line to our community,” Schwartzkopf says.

But these two aren’t just a representative of District 14, which covers Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach and surrounding areas. They represent the state. That’s why the issue of the opioid epidemic came up, on how they would tackle the issue across the first state. Both agree that this is a complex topic but something needs to be done, such as prevention and rehabilitation.

Both also believe they are the best choice to represent District 14.

The general election will take place on November 6th. The deadline to register has come and gone and absentee ballots will be accepted up until the day of the election.

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