New anonymous tip line hopes to improve school safety


MARYLAND – For many, school safety is a top priority when it comes to protecting our children and that’s why schools across Delmarva have come up with ways to plug in additional security measures.

For the state of Maryland, Governor Larry Hogan is adding to that list by creating a new initiative statewide. It’s all being done through a cell phone.

“Safe Schools Maryland” is a tip line and mobile app that allows you to report any possible threats to students or schools across the state.

After hearing about this added security, Steve Price, the Chief Safety Officer for Worcester County knew it could be a game changer.

“We had been notified several weeks ago to have the opportunity to have some training on the new safety tip line. We spent a day at MEMA headquarters, so they put us through the paces so we were able to respond to calls when they come in,” Price tells us.

By downloading the app, you’ll have the option to type in the school, make a call, or type up a complaint. From there, MEMA will reach out to the school.

Price tells 47 ABC, “We have people with board of education and local law enforcement officers who will be notified immediately, so we can respond to those calls. Whether that’s a threat to the safety and security of our schools or it’s a student or child we need to attend to.”

But this new tip line won’t be limited to just students. It’s available for anyone who has a concern.

Trained technicians will respond to reports 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can either download the app or call 1-833-MD-B-SAFE, if you need to make a report.

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