Little Creek will soon house a public boating and fishing access area

LITTLE CREEK, Del. – A small town along the Delaware Bay will soon be the hub of a brand new boating and fishing pier.

It may not look like much right now, but the area surrounding the Little River will be a place for the public to go fishing, crabbing and even kayaking.

“It’s the first step or at least a very important step in us reinventing ourselves with our maritime history. We still have now a maritime future, it’s just not the oyster industry. It’s something a little bit different,” explains Little Creek Mayor Glenn Gauvry.

But this is no ordinary pier, DNREC Sec. Shawn Garvin explains, “People can put their kayaks into Little River and as I said, the fishing piers that folks can just come down here and park and throw a line in and have a nice enjoyable relatively inexpensive outdoor recreational opportunities.”

It’s a pier that won’t just provide better access to the Delaware Bay for the public, but first responders too.

Little Creek Fire Chief Scott Bundek says, “This allows us to have a harbor refuge. With our boat in the river it’s closer to town, closer to our folks that actually respond to get on the boat to go out in the Bay and rescue folks.”

But this project is proving to be so much more than just a new pier. It’s bringing excitement back to a town that for years many believed had already seen its heyday.

“There’s this river everyone goes over and they’re wondering what we’re going to do with that. So this thing all of sudden starts to materialize and people can start to see that this could be a nice place to stop and a destination. We’re already in conversations with someone who is looking at building a restaurant in town and a bait and tackle shop and a kayak rental place so that will duck tail really nicely into this fishing pier and boat ramp,” adds Mayor Gauvry.

This project costs $1.5 million and it’ll be funded by a federal Sport Fishing restoration grant and bond bills. DNREC is hoping the construction of this project will be complete by the spring of 2019.

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