Fire prevention week: look, listen, learn

SALISBURY, Md. – It’s National Fire Prevention Week, and this year fire departments across the country are teaching people to look, listen and learn.

Look, means look for anything in your home that may spark a blaze. Identify the fire hazards and remove them.

Listen, means listen for the smoke alarm. Once a smoke alarm goes off, you might just have minutes to escape, have an exit strategy.

Learn, means learn the different ways to get out of your house or building and make sure you can escape through windows safely meaning nothing is blocking them.

Salisbury Fire Department tells us following these tips could save your life.

Chief John Tull with Salisbury’s Station 16 said, “When it happens seconds matter. From a small grease fire that turns into a large house fire knowing what to do how to properly try to extinguish that grease fire and then getting out safely.”

If you have any questions for firefighters, the Salisbury Fire Department will be at the Wicomico Public Library Saturday afternoon at 1 PM to answer any questions as well as talk more in depth about look listen learn.

The fire department will also be visiting local schools all throughout the week to teach kids how to prevent or even survive a fire.

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