Farmers markets feel the impact of September’s wet weather

SALISBURY, Md. – It’s officially October, meaning it’s time for corn mazes, pumpkin patches and apple picking, but all those fall festivities could look a little different this year.

Unfortunately, all the wet weather we experienced in September is presenting some problems for both farmers and farmers markets alike.

Ryan Smack, a wholesale manager at Harris Market said, “I would say by far this season, there’s way way way more rain that [farmers] are having to deal with.”

Farmers are ordinarily equipped to deal with some wacky weather, but we’re told the month of September presented a roller coaster of different conditions, making it hard for farmers and their seasonal crops to keep up.

Smack said, “It’s really hard to have to pump water off your field one week and then have to pump it back on your field the next week.”

Some local farmers markets are having a hard time keeping up as well.

Smack said, “I will say that there’s not as much around as there normally is this time of year, which is hard for us because we’re having to go and find other places to buy it.”

We’re told in order to compete with other produce stands, markets have had to keep their prices as low as possible.

“We try to keep our prices the same no matter what because you want to have the lowest prices but it really is harder to find,” Smack said.

With a shortage of crops in the area, farmers markets profits are taking a bit a hit because they’ve been forced to get produce shipped in from elsewhere.

Smack said, “When you do have to pay freight to get something here, your prices are going to go up a little.”

Moving forward, we’re told farmers and farmers markets alike are just hoping to see cooler, more predictable weather for the remainder of the fall season.

Sadly, farmers crops are not the only things that have been damaged by the wet weather, we’re told trees are being affected as well.

We’re told landowners are being urged to keep an eye out for browning or thinning tree canopies, distinctive leaf spots and curling.

If you notice a damaged tree, you are encouraged to exercise caution and seek a professional when removing dead trees.

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