Dickerson’s Farm in Laurel creates haunted corn maze for the first time

LAUREL, Del. – One farm has a created a brand new haunted experience in Sussex County: a haunted corn maze.

The maze is at Dickerson’s Farm in Laurel. It’s about five acres and will take you 30 minutes to get through. Here’s the catch though, to get through it, you can’t use any flash lights. Be prepared though because you will get scared along the way.

Dickerson’s Farms says this would be a great way to earn some extra cash because just like the many other farmers across Delmarva, it’s been a tough year with the excessive amounts of rain.

Zachary Dickerson tells 47 ABC, “It’s all about being diversified and it’s something different and hopefully one thing hits if another one doesn’t. All the rain that we’ve had has been really tough. Just for instance, I picked up a 100-acre corn field the other day and there was 20 out of the 100 where there was nothing there at all.”

The haunted maze will be open for just one weekend, this Friday and Saturday night from 7 PM – 10 PM and costs $8 per person.

Dickerson’s Farm is located on Route 13 in Laurel, right behind Johnny Janosik.

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