Delmarva Idol Winner has big future in sight

MILFORD, Del. – Singing has always been a passion for Delmarva Idol Sierra McCrea-Mosley. Born into a family of singers, Sierra says singing was just a part of everyday life.

According to Sierra, her singing started at a young age. Almost as soon as she could form sentences, she was singing.

“I didn’t start singing until I was like 2 or 3 and then going to church and doing all that,”  said McCrea-Mosley.

But it wasn’t until she got a little older that she realized that singing could be something more than just a hobby.

“I think my moment was my 5th grade graduation when they asked me to sing the national anthem and I thought to myself ‘oh ok if they’re asking me to do this, I can probably do more’,” said McCrea-Mosley.

Since then Sierra has set her sights on the stars and this past month at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore she took a major step towards that by winning a silver ticket at Delmarva Idol, which gets her an all expenses paid trip to New York City and an audition in front of a casting judge for a chance to get on ABC’s American Idol.

But things haven’t always been easy for the 18 year old. In the past year, Sierra had a daughter while struggling with her studies in high school and lost her biggest inspiration in life, her grandmother.

“She taught us to always sing your heart out, no matter what and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be great.  So singing for us wasn’t just a hobby, it was our way through,” said McCrea-Mosley.

Luckily for her, even though her grandmother is gone, she has another cheerleader right behind her, her sister Patience.

In fact, it was Patience, who McCrea-Mosley says got her pumped up to win Delmarva Idol.

“She gave me this big pep talk and the pep talk was ‘shut up you’re going to win’,” said McCrea-Mosley.

“She was like Pey-Pey, I was like Si-Si you’ve done this before, like you got this, you’re going to win. I was proud of her,” said Patience.

Now McCrea-Mosley says her confidence is at all-time high and that life is only going to get better from here.

“Here I am on my way to New York, graduating soon, beautiful daughter, I’m living my best life,” McCrea-Mosley said.

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