Colonel Richardson campus declared safe after social media threat

CAROLINE CO., Md. – A child is facing charges after he allegedly posted a threatening picture of himself holding what appeared to be a gun on social media, saying he would make Columbine look like a joke.

Superintendent Patricia Saelens said, “The threat was swiftly investigated by the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office, the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office and the Maryland State Police, and the youth is currently in the custody of the Department of Juvenile Corrections.”

45 percent of high-schoolers and 32 percent of middle-schoolers at Colonel Richardson called out on Monday, following Sunday night’s threat.

Saelens said, “The students who were absent today will have an excused absence.”

States Attorney Joe Riley said students are safe. There is no need to worry as an investigation determined the child who made the threat, wouldn’t have been able to carry it out in the first place.

Riley said, “We were able to do an investigation and find that there was no way to carry out the threat that he alleges to have made.”

Police expressed gratitude to the public for notifying them so quickly about the incident.

Sheriff Randy Bounds said, “As soon as it was posted our phones started ringing, police officers were on the road immediately. We ended up with an arrest within approximately two and a half to three hours.”

Authorities also believe the child acted alone.

Saelens said, “We have no reason to believe that any other juveniles were involved.”

All students are being encouraged to return to class on Tuesday.

As of right now the investigation is still ongoing.

We’re told officers will remain on campus indefinitely to ensure the safety of students and teachers.

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