The Brightside: Salisbury Jaycees

The Salisbury Jaycees are a small group that has been working for three quarters of a century to make the community a better place, all while developing its members professionally.

The group volunteers spearhead projects and while the organization offers professional workshops to members.

Jamie Nichols says she sought out the group because she was new to the Eastern Shore.

“So I have been with the organization for four years now. I joined when I moved here four years ago and I didn’t know anybody. So I came and met people through the Jaycees.”

You might be surprised to hear that the Jaycees are the founders of the Christmas Parade that takes place in the city every year.
D’Shawn Doughty says there’s a reason for that.

“We don’t want to put our name out there, its for the community to enjoy the parade. We do put our name in small places but its for the community to enjoy. Its not for us to show that we put it on.”

The Jaycees started the parade as a way to welcome World War II vets home.
And the event has blossomed every year since then.

“Its a really big event and it takes a lot of resources to put together. And its one of those events where when we all come together and put all our eggs in one basket, its a really fun event.”

The Salisbury Jaycees have about 40 members and raise around $25,000 dollars to fund various projects like their Easter Egg Hunt and an annual tour where they take kids shopping for the holidays.

But Doughty says they are always looking to bring more people into the fold.
And he says its super easy to get involved.

“The cool thing about us is that we’re a leadership organization, so we’re going to help you grow in your professional roll or what have you. Community, so we’re gonna help you fit into the community.”

Its as easy as showing up to one of their meetings or stopping by to give a hand during a charitable event.
So the next time you wonder what the Jaycees are all about think, community, leadership and friendship.

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