Sheriff Mike Lewis heads to D.C. to discuss immigration reform

WICOMICO COUNTY, Md. – On Wednesday, Sheriff Mike Lewis will be in D.C. with nearly 50 other sheriffs, from across the nation.

Each sheriff will meet with White House officials to discuss undocumented immigration matters, drug trafficking and border security.

47 ABC spoke with Sheriff Lewis about his trip and he says the main purpose of his visit is to express the urgency in Congress passing legislation involving the security aspects of immigration reform.

Lewis says he does support a path to legal citizenship.

However, his concern is protecting our borders from drugs that may come across border lines and find their way into Wicomico County.

“We will never have true homeland security until we have border security. I’m not saying a fence or a wall is the answer, but I’m telling you we need more boots on the ground, we need greater technology being implemented and we need greater security of our fencing and our border period.”

Sheriff Lewis adds he’s optimistic that the meeting on Wednesday, is a step in the right direction to figuring out a solution to immigration reform.