Several Smith Island residents evacuate before Hurricane Florence hits

SMITH ISLAND, Md. – Accomack County residents have been packing their bags and getting ready to hit the road, after their mandatory evacuation, but they aren’t the only ones leaving town.

After a recommended evacuation for Smith Island, residents have the decision to stay or go. In order to be safe, Maryland Natural Resources Police and the Coast Guard are saving the day by picking up residents.

Smith Island is already seeing some serious signs of flooding due to the rain. One resident, Daniel Haas tells us, “It was 20 inches deep in my front yard, there were crabs and minnows swimming in my front yard.”

But despite being in a state of emergency, there were only a handful of residents on the ride back to Crisfield.

Another resident, Maxine Landon, says that many people aren’t getting off the island just yet. “No, not right now because it’s too pretty. The closer the hurricane comes, the store comes the more people will probably evacuate. Some of the men went out to crab today and they will crab at most time until the end,” Landon tells us.

Even though Hurricane Florence may not be hitting Delmarva, residents are still taking precaution. Landon says, “We intend to take it serious. We just started to pack up everything and just go.”

As for more rides, there aren’t any scheduled. Maryland Natural Resources Police says they will plan more, if the need arises.

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