Negotiating union wages

SALISBURY, Md.– Members of the Union are voicing their concerns with wages.

Members with the Union tell 47 ABC, they are looking to increase wages for all state workers and retirees.

Tonight members of AFSCME gathered at the amphitheater in Salisbury to talk to locals about wage negotiations. Members say the negotiations are important because they feel over worked and under paid. Organizers are hoping these rallies will bring attention to the under staffing in hospitals and jails across the state. Advocators say now is the time for state leaders to invest in their workers.

“The state has a 503 million dollar surplus. Its time for us to get the message out to the governor and the administration, that now’s the time to invest in us,” says Anissa Pierce-Sessoms, AFSCME Council 3 Local 1081 President.

Because of ground rules, members of the Union were not able to tell us the details in their proposal.

We’re told every district has taken part in the demonstrations, like the one held in Salisbury.

Next Wednesday members will present the results of their negotiations.

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