MD: Officials temporarily lift insurance restrictions on medication refills ahead of Hurricane Florence

SALISBURY, Md. – Also in preparation for Hurricane Florence Maryland Insurance Commissioner Al Redmer has temporarily lifted insurance restrictions on when prescription medications can be refilled at pharmacies within the state. The regulation will remain in place for the duration of the sate of emergency.
officials say by temporarily lifting these insurance restrictions, they are allowing consumers to prepare in advance of the storm. They add any restrictions on the time-frame for the replacement of durable medical equipment or supplies, eyeglasses, and dentures will also be waived.

“It really helps with advanced planning so people can get their medications and have everything in hand when they go because if the storm does affect us which hopefully it will not it’s much worse when it’s in a panic mode and people who might need a medication in a crisis or something like that,” said Pharmacist Erin Dudley.

Officials add that the regulation only applies to those health insurance plans regulated by the Maryland Insurance Administration. Federal plans such as Medicare, self-insured employee plans, and Medicaid, are not affected by this emergency action.

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