“It’s better to prepare for the worst”

CAMBRIDGE, Md.– “Just because we dodged the storm, doesn’t mean there won’t be future storms that we may have to go through the same exercise,” says Jeff Trice, Dorchester County Emergency.

It appears we’ve missed Tropical Storm Florence, road closures are back open in Dorchester County. But when it comes to storm preparations, officials say its better to be safe than sorry.

“We always have to plan for the worst and hope for the best.”

For some, the thought of Tropical Storm Florence striking the Eastern Shore, may have been scary and for others, some what exciting. But we’re told the lack of action here on the shore isn’t necessarily a bad thing, rather an opportunity to practice preparedness.

“We hope that this storm actually, people were paying attention and they’ve done the things they need to do.”

“This place we don’t get it that much its like believe it when you see it,” says Warren White, resident.

Having  a plan in place, a list of evacuation zones and having an emergency kit are necessary to your survival. Something that Warren White says we may end up doing , when its too late.

“A lot of these people they catch it at the last minute. Probably because they don’t look for it and every time we have something they say, well we won’t get nothing and then if we do, we’re not prepared.”

However this time,  the State of Maryland made sure to have everything in place,  from opening shelters to even sending eight military vehicles from the National Guard, who were sent back today due to no longer being needed.

“Even though this was something we were expecting worse, it ended up for us, being a really good exercise to know what we needed to do and have things in place,” says Trice.

Regardless of not seeing a ton of rain or flooding in the past few days , we’re told its important to always be one step ahead, no matter what.


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