Dorchester County officials release feedback received for updated comprehensive plan

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – In Dorchester County, officials have released the feedback they received from residents as they look to update their comprehensive plan. As part of the planning process officials held public workshops throughout the county in July for residents to provide input and ideas on countywide visions, strengths, and priority issues. Officials say they found that most residents felt as though the county’s strengths were based on it’s water resources.
but some of the major challenges residents are seeing in the area include the lack of quality jobs and education.

“We want to make sure that the type of people that are potentially moving or the ones that are from here, that live here, we want to make sure that they stay here. We want to make sure that they are very active in their community and have a chance to be involved with what they feel should be the direction of their community,” said Environmental Planner for¬†Dorchester County Planning and Zoning Brian Soper.

If you weren’t able to attend one of the public meetings there’s still time for you to add your input, click here for a direct link to the comprehensive plan’s survey.

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