Del. coast experiencing flooding, bracing for more rain

DEWEY BEACH, Del. – With so much rain over the past few days, Delaware beach towns have seen severe flooding.

Lori Schell, a Dewey Beach resident said, “Our whole street looked like the bay.”

Town manager Scott Koenig said, “Right now the biggest concern is localized flooding.”

More water, more problems, its a situation that requires a response. For residents, it’s time to batten down the hatches and get ready for high water.

Rick Long another resident said, “Everybody’s coming down to check in their boats to make sure their boats are ok.”

Long also said, “Come Thursday or Friday that’s when the storm is going to hit north.”

Worried that the forecasted storms will leave them stranded, some residents have already made plans to leave town.

Schell said, “The hurricane hasn’t even come yet and it looks like this, so we’re a little worried.”

Schell also said, “We’re probably going to go towards Lewes, where my parents live, if the hurricane does come.”

For government officials, the issues in Dewey aren’t a surprise.

On Monday we spoke to several who say this town is extremely susceptible to flooding.

Koenig also said, “In Dewey Beach this is normal flooding when we have winds coming in from the ocean we have a lot of rainfall and we have high tide.”

Even though the town is used to flooding, City officials are taking the weather conditions seriously and taking extra steps to prepare for severe weather.

Koenig also said, “We’re monitoring the weather forecasts, we will be issuing additional guidance as we get additional information from the National Weather Service. We don’t want anyone to get hurt so if you can stay home, stay home. If you have to go out just be careful.”

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