Chamber of Commerce Hosts Candidate Forum

The Salisbury Chamber of Commerce is providing a platform for candidates running for a seat on Wicomico County Council to connect with voters.

“I think the Chamber of Commerce did a wonderful job and we had a very good attendance out here. So it was good to be able to talk about our business climate and how we can make things better for our county.”

And those were the two biggest re-occurring themes at the Candidate Forum business and education.

Those two topics were addressed in several different ways by all of the nine candidates who came out including Republican candidate for District 4, Suzanah Cain.

“The most important thing, I think is education. Um, public safety is another one. Without those, you’re not going to be able to bring business into the area.”

Another hot topic at the political event was the Revenue Cap.

Which is incorporated into the county’s charter and prevents property taxes from being raised more than two percent each year.

Some candidates think its a bad policy and needs to be changed.

But both Cain and Hastings say they are willing to learn more about it *before* casting it out if they win in November.

“It was brought about in 1999 by the voters and I think that it needs to be re-visited. We are one of two counties in the state of Maryland that still has the revenue cap.”, says Cain.

Cain’s opponent, Hastings says, “The short of it is that we have a potential revenue cap that could be harming our economy and that’s what alot of folks are talking about and the lack of money coming into education.”

Mary Ashanti is president of the Wicomico NAACP.

Ashanti says her organization wants candidates to know how important the education is to the county.

“We support universal Pre-K. we also believe that children should graduate job ready and are career-ready. Not everybody is going to college.”

Each candidate that participated in today’s Q & A is hoping that this intimate luncheon will give voters the information they need to select them when they head to the polls on November 6th. Reporting from Wicomico County.

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