Va. Retirement System sees 22 cases of identity theft

RICHMOND, Va.  (AP) – Authorities say 22 fraudulent online accounts were created for government employees enrolled in the Virginia Retirement System.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports the third-party administrator for the retirement system has reimbursed affected employees, including the more than $200,000 that was stolen from six accounts.

ICMA Retirement Corp. President Bob Schultze says the Virginia State Police and U.S. Secret Service are investigating the theft of personal information, and he expects to recover more than half of the missing money from the frozen bank accounts to which it has been traces.

ICMA discovered the theft this month, and notified VRS. The targeted accounts are among around 79,000 accounts managed under VRS’ program for deferred compensation.

VRS spokeswoman Jeanne Chenault says almost all the accounts belong to state employees, and none belong to teachers.

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