Marylanders are crabby over PETA’s vegan billboard in Baltimore


Courtesy of WMAR

BALTIMORE (AP) – Crab is beloved across Maryland, but not quite in the way PETA would like.

News outlets report the animal rights group has erected a billboard in Baltimore featuring the state crustacean, the blue crab, with the words: “I’m me, not meat.”

PETA is encouraging veganism ahead of September’s Baltimore Seafood Festival. PETA’s Tracy Reiman says crabs feel pain and fear and have unique personalities.  PETA has placed similar billboards in other East Coast cities.

Crab enthusiasts shared their reactions to the billboard on Twitter. One restaurant owner said he thought it was “tone deaf.”

PETA named Baltimore restaurant Land of Kush’s vegan crab cake one of the top 10 vegan seafood dishes nationwide.

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