Paradise Grill hosts 3rd annual Paradise Bay Flounder Tournament

 In Long Neck, residents enjoyed the 3rd annual Paradise Bay Flounder Tournament– and Sunday was the last day for participants to compete for more than $20,000 in prizes.

The tournament is allowing everyone to get in on the action this year including kids. Kayakers, boaters, fisherman and more spent the entire day competing for the heaviest flounder they could find in the inland bays that would secure them a whopping $10,000 for first place. Event organizers say the tournament brings in hundreds of visitors to the area each year and offers families a time to have some fun together.

"We love it because we're all about families here, we want to make it fun for all ages, we enjoy it. We also donate 5 dollars from every angler that registers to the Oak Orchard boys and girls club so that's very rewarding to us and we're pretty proud of that," said controller Sandy Samsel.

The next tournament will take place on August 15th for the 2018 Flounder Pounder Open where the winner could win a grand prize of $100,000.

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