Boater safety: Technology is key to staying safe when setting sail

natural resource police say GPS devices are critical to boater safety.

“To have the technology gives you and upper hand on the water."

Natural resource police say staying safe out on the water, with the spike in boat deaths, is more important now, than ever before.

That's why having the right tools and technology on your vessel is crucial to keeping you out of harms way.

Officer McCauley with NRP said, “It’s hard to prevent accidents out on the water they can happen at anytime but he’s the thing a lot of these victims weren’t wearing personal floatation devices at the time."

Coast guard and natural resources police alike say these GPS devices as well as very high frequency or VHF radios are a must-have when you’re out on a boat.

These devices pin point your exact location if you're ever in an emergency situation.

Experts say most market GPS devices and beacons are the size of a cell phone. They're also water-proof and can float which is another plus for boaters. 

Officials say radios and communication devices are the only way to really know help isn't too far away if you're ever in trouble.

On top of having the proper tools and technology officials also recommend you check the weather before you set sail.

“You can pay attention to the weather forecast, be aware of what weather is gonna be right now, be aware of other boaters it’s not necessarily your actions that can get u in trouble it’s other vessels that can get u in trouble."

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