The Brightside: Wicomico Grows Kindness

She’s a retired educator but she hasn’t stopped teaching.

Grace Foxwell- Murdoch is the woman behind a movement to encourage people to be kinder.

Murdock has been teaching for several decades and although she’s retired from Wicomico County Schools she is still using her gift to inspire others.

She started Wicomico Grows Kindness after some bracelets she sent to the community victimized by the Sandy Hook tragedy became very popular.

Surprisingly, Grace says she was also moved to action by a posting from a children’s show host.

“I wanted to help and I saw a post from Mister Rogers. It said his mother told him when he was little that when there’s a tragedy, always look for the helpers. I never imagined that a little bracelet would put me on this marvelous journey to impact others, to help them realize the benefits of kindness.”

Today this wife, mom and grandmom  sells her kindness bracelets at several places across Delmarva.

Aside from being cute,  Grace says, they are designed to help people become mindful and purposeful about being kind to others.

“They all have a kindness charm on them. And then I put different charms on them and then what you do is you move. You move the beads toward the button at night. And then during the day what you do is.. you pick up the and you roll it to the kindness charm.”

Murdock runs a Facebook page where she posts positive events that are in-line with her kindness philosophy.

Next month, an official from a national kindness organization will declare Salisbury a kindness destination.

She says the city will be the first in the country to earn this title.

“He’s trying to align all the kindness initiatives in our country with the focus of kindness. Because the United States is the least directed country in developing kindness.”

Murdock has organized some pretty big initiatives in the county like the kindness dance which was a flash mob event aimed at encouraging kindness.

She was also behind installing buddy benches in several school yards.

Those benches are a way for kids to signal to other children that they need a friend.

When asked what she gets out of doing this kind of work, Grace says she knows her mission is divine.

“My line to everybody is, I know I live in a kindness bubble and I love it here. And it has enriched my life beyond. This is really God’s work for me.”

If you’d like to learn more about Wicomico Grows Kindness, here’s a link to their Facebook page:

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