Salisbury Zoo announces death of Bubba the bison

Buuba the Bison  (Courtesy of The Salisbury Zoo)

Over two decades after the arrival of the bison at the Salisbury zoo, officials say the animal has died. 

The Salisbury Zoo says Bubba the bison was humanely euthanized this week. Zoo officials say they acquired the 25-year-old bison at the age of 4 months from the Oglebay Good Zoo. Bubba was born in July 1993 at the zoo, in Wheeling West Virginia.
Zoo Keepers reportedly began to notice apparent changes in the bison's mobility within the last few months. According to officials, with n the past month the animal's health declined rapidly the decision was made to euthanized him in consideration of his quality of life.

Bubba the bison apparently fathered a female bison in 2001, which currently resides at the Salisbury Zoo. The zoo says they been exhibiting the keystone land mammal for over 50 years, and they have a long history with American Bison Conservation.

The bison population was plentiful in the early 1800's, but declined in the late 1800's due to unregulated shooting and habitat loss during the settlement of the west. With the assistance of federal and zoological agencies, the population increased. In 2016, President Obama signed the National Bison Legacy Act into law, making the American bison the national mammal of the United States. 

Zoological officials say the Yellowstone National Park bison population is estimated at 4,900. 

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