Teacher Who Makes a Difference Winners

Teacher Who Makes A Difference winner – March 2018

Pocomoke  Middle School

Danielle Pall

Special Educator

Quote "Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be."
These words describe my Co Teacher, Danielle Pall to the tee! This is the second year I have worked with Miss Pall in the same classroom. We (our students and myself) together nominate Miss Pall, because "she encourages us to always do our best. She has patience for us even when we don't understand something. She helps us know that there are 12 inches in 1 foot. She's kind and funny. She makes learning math very fun, for example, one week we traveled around the world and one day she made us Jr. Chefs and we learned fractions and cooked. Above
all, she cares about us and our future! "

Teacher Who Makes A Difference Winner – February 2018

Snow Hill Middle School, Snow Hill, MD

Ms. Emily Taylor – 5th Grade

Emily has been a teacher with Worcester County Public Schools since 2011 and is one of the most
inspirational, theatric, and caring teachers I have met. Emily Taylor embodies the standards exemplified in
a teacher who makes a difference.
One of the characteristics I most value in Ms. Taylor, is her breadth and scope of teaching techniques which
allow her to work with a full spectrum of learners– from students who struggle with basic reading concepts
to those who are working well beyond grade level. Students know she cares about them the minute they
walk through her doorway. Her commitment and passion for teaching enables her to make connections
with all of her students.
While remaining current with the latest instructional strategies and technologies through professional
development, Ms. Taylor is able to reach a troubled or struggling student with simple, yet profound,
classroom management strategies coupled with complete professionalism. Likewise, she can accelerate
and challenge her brightest students because of professional development experiences and innovations
she has pursued and mastered. Most recently, she expanded her professional learning network through
the use of Twitter. She has shared best practices with other teachers and also moderated a Ted-Ed Chat.
Emily Taylor has emerged as a master teacher during her time at Snow Hill Middle School. A colleague
described her as a person who searches for innovative techniques to meet the needs of all students in her
care. A specific example noted is the 5th Grade Wax Museum, where students research and dress up as
their future career and present for parents and community members. This structure coupled with her warm
rapport invites participation and establishes an atmosphere of openness with teachers, students, and
Ms. Taylor has taken on many additional responsibilities as a staff member at Snow Hill Middle School.
She serves as the Grade 5 Team Leader, is an active member on the Snow Hill Middle School’s School
Improvement Plan Team, serves on county level committees, mentors aspiring teachers with Salisbury
University, and serves on the school wellness committee.
Emily was born to be a teacher. Her dramatic flair and passion for the profession captivates her students
and their parents. Ms. Taylor strives for excellence every day and instills this in her students. She teaches
them to love learning, and to respect each other. She teaches us to give our best for every student, to wear
a smile, and to love what we do each and every day! – 
Chris Welch

Teacher Who Makes a Difference – January 2018 Winner

Jennifer Downs 

Salisbury Christian, Salisbury MD  – 5th, RELA 

Nominated by: Kellie Bennett

My daughter, Kenleigh Bennett, is currently in Mrs Jennifer Downs, 5th grade class, at Salisbury Christian School. She teaches RELA. Kenleigh has always read a little below grade level and this year because of this wonderful teacher Kenleigh is on FIRE with books! Up until this year, if the books were "chapter books" Kenleigh would carry on like a snail with salt poured on it. Seriously! MY child is now proudly reading a 96 chapter book, the second in a series, "Peter and the Shadow Thieves". Mrs Downs has done something for her (and for her other students) that I will forever be grateful for….she has instilled a love of books and reading. My daughter says "She changed my life because of books! She is funny, and silly and REALLY gets into it when she reads us books aloud. She makes us laugh and she teaches us great things. She is great just because she is GREAT!" She has read the class many wonderful books, and she decorates her room to go with each new book. There was a plank on the floor for "Peter and the Starcatchers", from which she read to them. The room was turned into a log cabin and they dressed up as Pioneers for "Little House on the Prairie". They are currently reading "Where the Red Fern Grows" complete with tents, animals and traps. (And from what I hear…tissues too!) At the beginning of this year, I honestly wondered how my child would gain anything from someone reading to her. I could have never been more wrong! She has given Kenleigh something I could not. I am so proud of Kenleigh but also blessed and thankful she has Mrs Downs as a teacher! Mrs Downs is very deserving of the award and Kenleigh and I hope you will consider her for this award. 

Teacher Who Makes a Difference – December 2017

Elizabeth Davidson

Showell elementary School/Berlin, MD

Nominated by:  Silviya Gallo

I want to nominate my son's teacher – Miss Davidson. When my son came home reciting the Mathematical Practices after a week of school, I knew she is special. Miss Davidson is passionate, caring, and fun, inspiring all of her students to always be their best. She is very well organized, and often updates parents with details from the classroom. She spends many hours looking for the best resources for her students, and reading educational materials. Her excitement about teaching is transferred onto the students, and parents. She is constantly sending additional materials home, so parents can have resources to help the young learners. It's easy to tell Miss Davidson doesn't have a favorite subject – she loves them all! She is building a great community in her classroom, encouraging students to read high level books, write using rich vocabulary, practice math with a variety of strategies, and learn about science through meaningful concepts. Miss Davidson is a huge asset to SES and all of her students are fortunate to be in her class. Miss Davidson makes a difference in my son's and his classmates lives daily in third grade, and the skills she's teaching them will make a difference in their future as well! Thank you Miss Davidson!

Teacher Who Makes a Difference – November 2017

Jennifer Jones

Deal Island Elementary/Deal Island/MD

Nominated by:  Alison Simmons

Jenny Jones deserves this award because she geniunely cares about the success of her students. Before she started at Deal Island Elementary she worked at another school in a bad neighborhood and bought her kids coats that didn't have one during the winter months. And at this new job she bought stools for her classroom so her kids would be more comfortable out of her own pocket. She calls her students "her kids" and treats them like she would her own son

Teacher Who Makes a Difference – October 2017

Antionette Daniel

Parkside High School

Nominated by:  Autumn heater

Mrs. Daniel should win the teachers award because she is a teacher who is there for everyone. She pushes her students to do the best they can even when they do not think they can. Last year I did not see me making it into concert choir with all honors classes but she pushed me to make it and step out of my comfort zone to do concert choir. She acts as a mom to all of the kids she teaches, and to me that means a lot being I lost my mom when I was 6. So I needed that structure that extra push and she was always there. If all you need is to sit and talk she is there, if you need a shoulder to cry on she is there or, if you need extra motivation she will be there. That is why I believe Mrs. Daniel should win this award

Teacher Who Makes a Difference – September 2017

Maple Elementary School

Nominated by:  Savannah Weber

I'm a 4th grader at Maple Elementary School in Cambridge, Md. Mr. Washington is the coolest music teacher there is. I play the clarinet. Mr. Washington has really invested his all into the Band. Last year He decided to start a Drum line and flags at Maple Elementary. This is the first elementary school in Md to have Drum line and flags.  Mr. Washington attended CSDHS as well as Morgan State where He was in band. Everything He has learned as a student, He has passed it on down to his students. His life has come to a complete full circle. He spends his pay check to buy his students pizza all the time. He stays after school daily til 5 pm to spend time with students to practice for band. Maple Elementary drum line and flags were able to open up Teachers kick off in Aug. We are booked for parades. In Oct our band will be taking a trip to Morgan State University where Mr. Washington attended college to participate in the homecoming and to see the Morgan State band upfront.  Mr. Washington puts his All in to investing into his Band at Maple. Because of Mr. Washington many children lives has been touched, they have become the best at what they do because of Mr. Washington. Children have gained confidence because of Band and drum line.  Mr. Washington pours his all into his students. His students looks up to him. Because of the drum line it has helped children to have good behavior or they can't be in band. Mr Washington expects the best and the children want to give their best and all.  Mr Washington has changed the school for the best because of his love for music and to help children. He knows what it was like growing up and he can relate to so many children.  He is a great roll model and he has set the standards for others to follow and to proof you can rise higher when you put your all into what you love to do.  He is a great teacher. The best. Kids love him. He has changed this community, the school for the better.  This is why Mr. Washington deserve this award!  Thank you for all you do Mr. Washington.