Recall Alert: Hormel Spam, more than a quarter of a million pounds

SPAM Recall, Courtesy SPAM YouTube

More than 228,000 pounds of Hormel Spam and other canned meat products were recalled because they might contain shards of metal.

According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), the problem was discovered after four customers complained of metal objects in canned Hormel products. The Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) did not say how the pieces of metal might have gotten into the products.

Officials say throughout the United States, 12-ounce metal cans labeled "SPAM Classic" with the designation "EST. 199N" should not be eaten because of a risk of minor oral injuries.

The cans have a "Best By" date of February 2021 and carry the following production codes: F020881, F020882, F020883, F020884, F020885, F020886, F020887, F020888 and F020889.


Possibly contaminated cans of meat were also distributed in Guam. These 12-ounce metal cans contain "Hormel Food Black-Label Luncheon Loaf." The recalled cans are marked "Best By" February 2021 and carry the production codes F02098 and F02108.

The products should be immediately thrown away or returned to the place of purchase, FSIS said. In a statement, Hormel said it was recalling the products "out of an abundance of caution," and that "the health and safety of consumers is our top concern."

In 2016, Hormel voluntarily recalled 40 cases of Dinty Moore Beef Stew — also because of possible contamination by "extraneous materials."

The US-based Hormel Foods Corporation sells products in more than 70 countries.

For more information about the recall, visit the USDA website: here.

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