Made On Delmarva: Jerry’s Toys and Wood Craft

Diana and Jerry Nolte are constantly rolling out new ideas and crafts. The duo hit the nail on the head when they opened their shop, Jerry's Toys and Wood Craft.

"It's a hobby that has been turned into a business," says Jerry.

Jerry began building in the 70's. His first craft was a cradle for his first born.

"All the kids and grandkids have been in there…that one is not for sale," says Jerry.

His talent has led them to create other things as well.

"Bird feeders, decor items for the house. We make a lot of toys that are tested out on our grandchildren," says Diana.

One of their most popular items are their wooden cars.

"When a parent comes in and says don't touch that, be careful, we say no you go ahead and touch. If you can break it in here we don't want to carry it," says Diana.

The two tell us they don't plan on pumping the brakes on their creativity anytime soon. 

"We are always looking for new ideas, from suggestions from the kids, or from people who come in," says Diana.

Jerry and Diana took us to their backroom where they make their toys.

To make a toy car, Jerry cuts out a design from a block of wood. He then drills out holes for the wheels and takes it to the sander so it can have a smooth finish.

Up next is cutting thin pieces of wood for the axles. Jerry then attaches the wheels. Once the pieces are all together, Diana paints a fun design.

Once it's dry, it's time to take it for a spin!

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