Brightside: Shore Up! Connecting and Educating Families

For 53 years Shore Up! has been helping families get the tools they need to live a productive life. 

The non-profit acts as a supplement to social service agencies and offers everything from free tax preparation to job training.

"Within Shore Up we have weatherization, we have energy, head start, early head start programs, we have the foster grandparent her at Shore Up." 

Jessica works as a family coordinator. 

Its her job to connect people to the resources they need. 

She says it wasn't that long ago that she got help from the organization.

"For the most part, anything I can think of that they may need, I can think of the resources they can go to. Cause myself, I've been where those families are."

Parent — Destini Dixson says her four-year old daughter has blossomed from participating in the agency's head start program — and so has she. 

"I actually did the parent training with Miss Jessica and then they have  this thing here where we do interviews for people coming for jobs and they have to have at least one parent come in to interview the person as well."

Dixson has taken advantage of some of the seminars Shore Up offers and still comes to Jessica for guidance and support.

"When I wasn't working I went to Miss Jessica and I said 'Do you know who is hiring?' She sent me this long packet from indy. She also helped me when I was going to school, like if I needed something, she would tell me what I could do."

Corey Bowen is the director of the Head Start program. 

Bowen says nearly 900 children across 14 locations are enrolled in the program. 

He says the schools are critical to setting kids up for success. 

"These children come from lower economic situations oftentimes they don't have stability in care in mentoring and nurturing with their preparation for kindergarten readiness. Looking at the disparity some of our children are faced with, the playing field is just not level." 

And that's where Shore Up comes in- Leveling the playing field for families by equipping them with tools to be successful. 


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