Made On Delmarva: Aeromarine Laminates Inc.

After years of craftsmanship in the Empire state,  Aeromarine navigated to the first state, but with a slightly different voyage…crafting boats for hobbyists instead. 

"The business started with my father Remy Senior, and his business partner in Long Island. They manufactured full size yachts and race boats. They decided to shrink everything down, and start manufacturing their own stuff," says Remy Haynes Jr.

Their shop has grown to include planes, cars, steam engines, and ships.

"We have over 200 or 300 hundred hobby shops that we really sell to. 90 percent of our products are shipped all over the world," says Haynes.

47 ABC went to the facility where they make their radio controlled boats. Haynes say it's all hands on deck when it comes to piecing them together. It all starts with a mold that is coated with a clear liquid.

"The fiberglass comes in a cloth material, and then is wetted our with a polyester resin," says Haynes.

This material forms the body of the boat. Once it dries overnight, it's ready to be popped out of the mold.

"We'll then use air to blow this out. When it comes out of the mold like this, you'll have the part itself," says Haynes.

The pieces then get a fresh coat of paint. After the paint dries, they cut out the top of the deck.

Haynes joins the body of the boat together and then places in the hardware. Once the boat is assembled it is ready to hit the water.

Bon voyage!

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