Van Hollen introduces bill that could help UMES

Maryland Sen. Chris Van Hollen along with others introduced a bill that could help University of Maryland, Eastern Shore if it passes.

It's called The Carryover Equity Act and its meant for land-grant universities, all of which are historically black universities. 

According to Van Hollen, it would fix a provision that prohibits Land-Grant Universities from carrying over more than 20 percent of their federal money from one year to the next. 

Each Land-Grant University, which are primarily agricultural based schools, receives federal money each year for research, education, and extension for communities.

UMES says this bill would allow for more effective planning since they have a joint effort with University of Maryland, College Park.

"At the local level this is going to allow us, a part of this collaborative, to be able to be more efficient in how we actually plan and implement activities in the same way because we had the same restriction to how much money we could carry over from one year to the next," says Dr. Moses Kairo, the Dean for UMES' School of Agricultural and Natural Sciences. 

UMES President Dr. Juliette Bell says, "This Act is tremendously important to the communities and stakeholders that we serve through the 1890 Extension programs across 18 states and beyond." 

We're told the legislation has already received bipartisan support. 

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