Mechanics say road salt could hurt your car

As we deal with more freezing rain and wintry conditions, it's those salt mixes on the roadways that will keep us safe. There is a catch, however. 

That same salt that helps break down the ice on roadways can also break down the inner workings of your car that help it run. 

Allen Cress, a Service Manager at Delaware Tire said, "Well salt causes corrosion but basically anytime it gets on metal and then you add moisture, it's going to cause any metal it's on, aluminum or iron, to corrode." He added, "If it gets on the electrical connections and stuff like that it can overtime cause electrical issues as far as getting the proper signals and sometimes stuff will even stop working."

Beyond hurting the functionality of your car, it can chip away your car's paint if you let it sit too long.

Cress said, "Pretty much does the same thing. It gets on the paint and starts eating through that clear coat and once it gets cleaned off, once that clear coat is gone, that's what is protecting the color of the car and then that's just going to fade and eventually it's going to start flaking off and you have to repaint the whole vehicle."

That's why local mechanics suggest getting your car professionally washed, but they advise you go to an indoor car wash to avoid any additional problems. 

"I would also try to see if you can find a place that's got a heated, usually the indoor car washes are best at temperatures like this. If it's a little warmer, it's no big deal but a lot of times if you've got to wash your car, the water can instantly freeze on there and then you've got the same problem except encapsulated so," Cress said.

As for when you should get your car cleaned? Mechanics at Delaware Tire say the sooner the better. 

Cress said, "Wash your car as soon as possible. You don't want to let it sit on there for a week or two, you know? Once the roads get cleared, take it to the car wash get the undercarriage cleaned and just make sure it's just wiped off really well."

Local mechanics say that when you get your car washed, you should have them put some wax on it to prevent any corrosion with future winter storms.

They say the wax gets on top of the paint and gives you a layer of protection.

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