VA election results could mean more than just a win for Democrats

Quite the sea of blue in Virginia this week after the Democrats dominate the polls. Although these victories are being looked at as more than just a big win for the Democratic party. 

"The two factors that I think are most important in understanding this outcome are the demographic shifts taking place in the country and a sense of what we call 'demography is destiny' and the second is the intensity of Democrats who vote as a protest vote as a anti-Trump vote," explains Dr. Mike O'Loughlin. 

O'Loughlin, a politics professor at Salisbury University, says Virginia's election could reveal what many people are feeling towards President Donald Trump.

"Roughly 30 percent of those who turned out said they were casting a vote against Donald Trump. In contrast roughly 15 percent casted a vote in favor of Donald Trump, so we see that particular dynamic emerging as an important factor to explain Northam's nine point victory over Republican Gillespie." 

Democratic U.S. Sen.Tim Kaine of Virginia says the large win for Democratic candidate Ralph Northam over Republican Ed Gillepsie is in part thanks to the public's disapproval of Trump. 

"If anything he's turned out to be worse than many feared and that's why Ralph Northam's margin was even bigger than the five and a half point margin in 2016," says Sen. Kaine. 

This anti-Trump vote could very well foreshadow what's to come in the polling booths in 2018 that Dr. O'Loughlin says could shift power on Capitol Hill. 

"If we assume the anti-trump sediment continues where this will play out is particularly what we call purple states and purple districts…so if the democrats are in fact able to win back the House of Representatives, they will comfortably win the blue districts in terms of the house." 

Dr. O'Loughlin adds if this anti-trump sentiment continues it could even affect local elections or even the re-election of Governor Larry Hogan.

After being asked about the Virginia election at a press conference Thursday, Hogan said, It's obvious that the electorate is engaged and energized and coming out to the polls." 

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