DSP offers holiday safety tips for drivers and shoppers

Troopers offer holiday safety tips to encourage the public to be aware and cautious during this busy time of year, in Delaware.

On Wednesday, Delaware State Police urge holiday shoppers to be safe and use caution during this busy time of year by following these safety tips to reduce your vulnerability and minimize the possibility of being a victim of a crime:

Staying Safe While Shopping:

-Park in high visibility and well lit areas. Lock your car and take your keys
-Stay alert to your surroundings and the people around you
-Shop with a friend, there is safety in numbers
-Use credit/debit cards and avoid carrying large amounts of cash
-Keep purse close to your body at all times and keep wallet in your front pocket
-Be extremely careful using ATM machines. Use them in populated places and pay attention to your surroundings
-Do not leave purchased items visible in the car-leave them in the trunk
-Report suspicious people or activity immediately

Keeping Your Home Safe:

-Keep the outside of your home well lit with doors and windows locked
-Keep gifts hidden from view through outside windows of your residence
-After opening gifts, break down the boxes of expensive electronics or other gifts and dispose of in a non-clear garbage bag to hide the fact that you have valuable items in the home

Travel Safety Tips:

-Do not drink and drive! Have a Designated Driver
-Buckle up and make sure all occupants are properly restrained
-Be aware of weather and road conditions
-Keep all doors locked while riding in your car
-Minimize distractions and slow down
-Report aggressive or impaired drivers

Troopers say they are increasing their presence statewide by patrolling shopping centers and malls. DSP will apparently increase patrols on roadways during the busy Thanksgiving holiday, where authorities will be targeting aggressive and impaired drivers.

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