Route 50 fence to help pedestrian safety at Wi Middle

Right outside Wicomico Middle School is one of the busiest roads in Salisbury, Route 50.

For the past couple months, it's been riddled with Maryland State Highway Association trucks and crews as they work to put up a fence on the center divide.

"It will force anyone whether it be bikes, children, adults whomever, it will kind of help them use a crosswalk when crossing the highway, which is much safer," says MDOT SHA Community Liaison, Tanesha Hankerson.
The city was having issues with kids running across the street here along Route 50 as cars would be zooming by over 30 mph.

Wi Middle Principal Kelly Morris-Springston explains, "Parents were worried because of course the children were crossing in different locations that were not the crosswalk. Of course, it slowed traffic and also very close situations in which students almost actually got hit so there was a deep concern within the community."

Concerns that Hankerson shared after witnessing the problem first hand.   

"I myself have been through and seen children kind of darting across the highway and it's very unsafe so with this phase we're making sure that we prevent and enforce you sort of, you know, that you're using the intersections and using the sidewalks."

Maryland SHA has also installed traffic cameras and signage to further ensure that pedestrians are not only  traveling safely but cars are too, which should be done by mid-September.

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