Joint Del. DOJ drug investigation results in 40 indictments, six still wanted

Officials say six people are still wanted after a joint investigation resulted in 40 indictments of individuals in connection with a drug trafficking organization, in Sussex County.

Delaware State Police say the Sussex County Drug Unit and the Delaware Department of Justice concluded a joint investigation, known as "Operation Golden Horseshoe", on June 14. Officials say the Sussex County Drug Unit and the DOJ were assisted by DSP, Sussex County Governor's Task Force, Kent and New Castle County Drug Units, Kent and New Castle County Governor's Task Force, the Delaware State Police Special Operations Response Team (SORT), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Delaware Department of Corrections, Seaford Police Department, Georgetown Police Department, Delaware Probation and Parole, along with Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey National Guard.

According to the report, 40 people have been indicted on over 190 criminal charges as a result of Operation Golden Horseshoe. Investigators say they established that 38-year-old Lamont Johnson, 28-year-old Antonio Holder, 28-year-old James Jones, all of Bridgeville, and 40-year-old Yusef Mathews, of Seaford, as leaders heading the drug trafficking organization, who have been charged with directing a significant cocaine and heroin network primarily in the Coverdale area of Sussex County. Authorities say 65-year-old Sonia Chavez (aka Maria Zakrociemski) was identified as organizing and distributing a large amount of heroin in the Oak Orchard and Long Neck areas. Troopers say this organization was responsible for the distribution of significant amounts of heroin and cocaine in the last nine months.

"Heroin is a major contributor to criminal activity in Sussex County and throughout Delaware. The State Police and DOJ deputies, investigators and staff have worked tirelessly to address it, and Attorney General Denn has made dealing with substance use issues a priority. Heroin, fentanyl and mixtures of these drugs are a danger to public safety for drug users, police, emergency personnel, and others who may come into contact with them. Mere contact with these substances can be fatal. Operation Golden Horseshoe dealt a significant blow to criminal organizations responsible for the presence of heroin and other dangerous drugs in Sussex County. In addition to our law enforcement partners at the Delaware State Police, I would like to recognize the contributions of Deputy Attorneys General Haley King and Michael Tipton for their continuing efforts in this case," said David Hume, Sussex County Prosecutor at the Department of Justice.

According to Investigators, the execution of multiple search warrants for 11 addresses in the areas of Bridgeville, Millsboro, and Laurel, resulted in the seizure of $156,124 in suspected drug proceeds; 278.95 grams of powder cocaine; 12.15 grams of crack cocaine; 2,262 bags(15.83 grams) of heroin; 157.52 grams of marijuana; glock 9mm pistol; and various items of stolen property.

Johnson, Holder, Jones, Mathews, and Chavez were charged with multiple possession and criminal charges.

According to officials, the following individuals were also charged with multiple possession and criminal charges: Patrisha Cannon, 32, of Laurel; Donald Carey, 28, of Lincoln; Nyier Starks, 24, of New Castle; Duayne L. Thompson, 34, of Seaford; Odrift Ulysses, 33, of Laurel; Lavocia Callahan, 46, of Millsboro; Pamela Bergman, 56, of Millsboro; Robert Levan, 34, of Harrington; Lexus Bailey, 21, of Blades; Leslie Johnson, 40, of Seaford;Lakota Norwood, 24, of Harbeson; Jose Serpa, 37, of Bridgeville; Donshell Weston, 32, of Seaford; Todd Culver, 49, of Greenwood; Keith Dockins, 58, of Salisbury, MD; Shaina Andell, 29, of Millsboro; James Bryant, 61, of Ocean View; Karin Flowers, 36, of Georgetown; April Grant, 35, of Millsboro; Keith Grew, 51, of Millsboro; William Hendrickson, 61, of Millsboro; Chad Hopper, 33, of Frankford; Tiffany Klinger, 38, of Millsboro; Colleen J. Patterson, 57 of Millsboro; David Richards, 48, of Rehoboth Beach; Joseph Unsworth, 43, of Millsboro; Raymond Willis, 46, of Millsboro; Brad Wilt, 35, of Millsboro; and Robin Wriston, 52, of Rehoboth Beach.

Delaware State Police are still looking for six suspects.  Authorities say that 37-year-old Demetrio Stewart of Milford, 38-year-old Vera Curtis of Dagsboro, 55-year-old Sarah Seamen of Millsboro, 47-year-old Larry Reich of Palmyra,PA, 50-year-old Ernest Lofland of Frankford, and 33-year-old Brian Barlow of Millsboro, are still wanted on drug related charges.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Stewart, Curtis, Seamen, Reich, Lofland, or Barlow is asked to call Sergeant M. Dawson at 302-752-3815 or Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-847-3333.

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