Woman in DE creates organziation to help those in need

It's safe to say that sometimes in life we just need a helping hand. That's where Evelyn Wilson comes in. With 16 years of experience under her belt, Wilson know's just what those in need, need.

47 ABC spoke with Wilson and she says, "I just love helping people."

Wilson is the force behind "Just a Hand Up", an organization that assists those who need a little help in their lives. Whether it be filling out job applications or clothing those who only have one outfit in their wardrobe. As a certified nursing assistant as well as having 13 years of experience being a community leader, she's covered this topic many times.

Wilson tells 47 ABC, "Most people just need a hand up, for some people they want to do but they can't do because they don't have the resources."

And that's where Evelyn comes in. She's there just to give that nudge. Wilson says, "I don't push, I just say if you need my help, let me know. They become more proud of themselves."

Helping mostly low income families in Sussex County, Wilson says that most of her resources come from partnerships like the State Community Action Agency and Clothing Our Kids.

Wilson says, "I just love helping people. Especially the children I feel as though if the children's needs are met that they'll do better in school. Sometimes someone might have some information that needs printing off and they may not have the funds and what have you to pay for it so i just volunteer to pay for it. They call me and if I cant find the answer I can find someone who has the answer."

As to where her name came from? Wilson tells 47 ABC, "Everyone doesn't need a handout, they just need a hand up." But this is only the beginning for Wilson, who has big dreams going forward. Wilson says, "Right now I'm working out of my home hoping in the future where I can purchase a small building, a whole building and I do have a small lot where I can place it on so were looking forward to that in the future."

Wilson received her first grant for $250 from the BTL foundation to purchase supplies. If you would like to reach Evelyn you can call 302-519-5429.

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