DE task force calls for afterschool program funding

In Delaware, a task force calls for increased funding for afterschool and summer break programs.

It's called Statewide Afterschool Initiative Learning, or SAIL.

The task force was created last summer by Delaware Representative Valerie Longhurst.

It found that more than 26,000 Delaware students participate in afterschool programs.

However, a total of 48,000 students would likely participate if the programs were available or more affordable.

Longhurst tells 47 ABC these programs benefit all children, especially those with parents in the work force.

“Kids get additional training and enrichment or education and enrichment programs. They get to do their homework after school which builds confidence and helps close that achievement gap that they have. But it also helps with their social skills,” Longhurst said.

Longhurst adds she is in the process of writing legislation in order to get funding for these programs.

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