Police: reports of counterfeit currency being used in Pocomoke City

Pocomoke City Police are warning residents to be aware of a suspect who has reportedly been using counterfeit $100 bills.

So far, police say two incidents have been reported in Pocomoke City.

Police say descriptions of the suspect who used the bills are of a black male in his mid-20s with dreadlocks.

According to the Secret Service, counterfeit $100 bills can easily be detected by holding the bill up to a lighton a real bill there will be a hologram of Benjamin Franklin's image matching the bill's face image. There will also be a thin vertical strip spelling out the bill's denomination that can be seen in the light.

A $100 bill that has been bleached will display a hologram of Abraham Lincoln in the light rather than Benjamin Franklin.

Police are encouraging anyone who encounters counterfeit currency to call the Pocomoke City Police Department at 410-957-1600.

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