Maryland Crisis Center

Everyday a team of behavioral specialists, social workers and health experts,  from the Eastern Shore Crisis Center, respond to emergency calls from people battling addiction or mental health conditions.

And Friday Maryland Delegate Sheree Sample-Hughes got to see what they do for the community.

And she shared her experience with us.

Sample-Hughes says the center is receiving more and more calls due to the opioid crisis.

She also added that in addition to saving lives, the team is also saving the surrounding community money.

More than $8-million has been saved by diverting people who might have otherwise needed to go to the emergency room.

Sample-Hughes says that her time with the crisis team showed her how she can assist with legislation to expand services and funding.

“It was really eye opening to see how much they are embedded in the community and really dealing with crisis situations where they are,” Sample-Hughes said.

“Being equipped with information and then being able to see it first hand, it really energized me to be a stronger supporter and advocate for what they're doing.”

Sample-Hughes adds that the team also conducts follow up phone calls to people who use the service to make sure they are receiving proper resources.

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