Biden: “When I die, Del. will be written on my heart”

File photo from January 20, 2017

Former Vice-President Joe Biden and former Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden returned home to Delaware on Friday to be greeted by a rally of supporters statewide.

The "Welcome Home, Joe and Jill" rally, held at the Chase Center, was hosted shortly after the Bidens returned home via Amtrak. This was directly after they attended the inauguration of 45th President Donald Trump and 48th Vice-President Mike Pence earlier Friday.

The rally was well-attended, drawing many Wilmington residents.

"I think Joe Biden has done so much for our state and he's been a wonderful Vice President and we just wanted to be here to say thanks," said Gail Humes.

Like so many in the crowd, Humes said she was grateful for Biden's service; however, it was Biden himself who would say thanks.

Overcome with emotion during the beginning of his speech, the Scranton, Pennsylvania born former Vice-President told the crowd it was Delaware that shaped his values and perception of the world.

"When I die, Delaware will be written on my heart," Biden said through tears.

It was Delaware, he says, that stuck with him during every success and defeat. He cited personal losses as times the state came together like a family, one of the very things he says makes Delaware unique.

" The way the state of Delaware embraced my boys where they lost their sister and their mother. The way you embraced Jill when we got married. The way you have embraced daughter Ashley. The way that you treated our son Beau…" recalled Biden.

While Biden admits, he does have differences with the incoming president, he urged the crowd to give the new administration a chance.

As for Biden, who jokingly said the rally felt like he was listening to his own eulogy with speakers praising his leadership, he says the Biden family is staying Delaware.

"See you in church!" he shouted to the crowd, as the rally wrapped up.

Biden adds, he and former President Barack Obama want to see the Trump administration succeed. He says they will provide assistance necessary.

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