Maxwell is an 8-month-old collie mix available for adoption at the Baywater Animal Rescue in Cambridge

— in search of their forever families. today — we meet maxwell. here’s 47 abc’s leanne guyette. this adorable bundle of fluff is maxwell. he is an eight-month-old collie mix — with gorgeous medium length chocolate colored fur. his scruff is longer around his neck and tall ears — and gives him the cutest — almost stuffed animal like — look. maxwell was adopted as a tiny puppy — but was recently returned when his former owner decided it wasn’t the best fit. his back and forth life has made maxwell a little timid. he will need a little help with getting out of his shell — and learning to be confident. even though maxwell was nervous during his visit — it was evident that he is quite sweet. he was happy to be held like a baby — and snuggled. this guy would make a great couch buddy — and is content to just get pet. maxwell really perked up when lyric popped over to say hi. he really wanted to play — and get in a few good sniffs. this sweet boy walked pretty well on the leash — but will benefit from a little training to keep his fluffy little behind moving. one look into maxwell’s warm honey colored eyes — and you’ll want to scoop him right up too! can you find room in your heart for maxwell? for 47 a-b-c — i’m leanne guyette. maxwell is available for adoption through baywater animal rescue — in cambridge. his adoption fee is one hundred seventy five dollars. he has already been fixed — and is up to date on his shots. for more information about maxwell — contact baywater animal rescue at 410-228-30-90. coming up we’ll have a look at what’s coming

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