Roe V. Wade unlikely to be overturned anytime soon

President elect Donald Trump has hinted to his feeling about Roe versus Wade, the supreme court ruling that gave women the choice to abort their pregnancy.

Trump saying that he plans on appointing a pro-life justice to the Supreme Court and leaving the possibility open that Roe versus Wade could be overturned.

However a local attorney believes even with the expected appointment Trump would not have enough pro-life justices on the bench to overturn the landmark decision.

“So even if he appoints a conservative justice, which is what presumably he’s going to do, you’re still going to have it be four conservative and five liberal because justice Kennedy, even though he’s a republican, he swings liberal on abortion,” said local attorney Eddie Gonzalez of the Gonzalez law firm.

Gonzalez also mentioned that in a scenario where a liberal judge passes away or retires during Trumps presidency that the democrats would must likely stall that appointment.

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