Delaware and Maryland state law advises those to not leave unattended idle cars

With cold temperatures surfacing, some people tend to leave their cars running unattended while idle, in order to keep their cars warm and toasty.

But this may not be the best idea since it is against the law in the state of Delaware and Maryland.

Delaware and Maryland require those to secure their car properly. We spoke to the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office and they tell us that many people tend to do this, while running into a convenience store quickly.

This gives thieves the ability to easily snatch the car.

Lieutenant Tim Robinson tells us they have dealt with many reports where people leave their car for a few minutes to quickly come back to nothing.

One case even had someone have their car taken from their own driveway.

In Delaware, you can be fined up to $25-$75 and in Maryland you will be fined $70. Lieutenant Robinson tells us that the law does have a few exceptions.

He says the law does make provisions to allow people that have remote starts, when they’re at their own house, or when the vehicle is going to be locked on their own driveway.

Experts say cars need about 30 seconds of warming up before they are ready to drive.

After that, the best way to increase your engine’s temperature is by actually driving your car.

Those in Virginia do not have any law in regards to leaving your car unattended while idle but we do advise you to be safe and smart.

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