Primary Day on Tuesday in Delaware

Tuesday is primary day in Delaware and polls open at 7:00 AM.

The election is a closed primary, which means that only voters registered as democrat or republican can vote.

During Tuesday’s primary, voters will be casting their ballot on the republicans running for governor, Colin Bonini and Lacey Lafferty. Democratic candidate and Congressman John Carney is running unopposed for his party, while Sean Goward and Andrew Groff are running unopposed for the libertarian and green parties.

Another decision that voters will make is who will replace Congressman John Carney on the democratic side. There are four candidates, Sean Barney, Michael Miller Sr., Lisa Rochester, and Bryan Townsend, who is currently a state senator in District 11.  

Then there are six candidates running on the democratic side for lieutenant governor , Sherry Dorsey, Bradley Eaby, Gregory Fuller Sr., Bethany Hall-Long, Kathleen McGuiness, and Ciro Poppiti III.

The other races that will be finalized Tuesday are for insurance commissioner, along with state representatives in District 14, 33, and 35. Then there’s the democratic side of the 3rd Levy Court District , and voters will decide who will be the republican nominee running for both the 2nd and 3rd districts of the Sussex County Council. To view a full list of candidates, click here.

This election will give voters insight on who will be running in the general election in November. For a list on everyone running in the general election, click here.

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