On this special Pets in the Pasture, meet Marki, a 14-year-old former racehorse for adoption at Changing Fates Equine Rescue

in a special edition of pets in the pasture — we head out to laurel — — to meet marki. here’s 47 abc’s leanne guyette. doesn’t this girl look like she could be famous? well — she is related to one of the most well known horses — secretariat! marki here is the great grand daughter of the famed racehorse. she was once a racehorse too — but was rescued from a kill pen at an auction — emaciated with ribs showing. thanks to some hardworking volunteers like donna here at changing fates equine rescues — the 14-year-old off track thoroughbred — has returned to her former glory. marki now has a gorgeous brown coat — which up close — you can see beautiful patterning across the sides of her fifteen one hand body. her healthy dark brown mane and tail look fabulous blowing in the wind. donna has been working with marki to learn that every time she’s saddled up — doesn’t mean that she has to run. the former racehorse is apparently doing well with the lessons though — because she nearly fell asleep standing up — while i pet her. when she wasn’t sleeping — marki and donna put on a great show — trotting about. she apparently rides saddled, or bareback bridle or bitless — and is eager to please. can you find room in your heart for phoenix? for 47 abc — i’m leanne guyette. marki is available for adoption through changing fates equine rescue — in laurel, delaware — for a fee of just five hundred dollars. her adoption will also include a lifetime contract — meaning that the rescue will stay in touch through the life of the horse. for more information about marki — or volunteering with changing fates — visit their website changing fates equine dot org. coming up we’ll have a look at what’s coming

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