Salisbury’s 9th annual Extreme Boat Dockin’ Competition

The Extreme Boat Dockin’ is back for Salisbury’s 9th Annual Boat Dockin’ Competition.

The competition has apparently established itself as the premier event in Salisbury held at The Port of Salisbury Marina and Brew River Restaurant & Bar.

Event organizers say that Boat Dockin’ can be best explained as a “Rodeo on the water”, and is considered a water sport in which work boats and charter boats compete within their divisions to go from point “A” to get to point “B” and execute a task of tie/lasso to poles of a boat slip for a timed competition. These runs are filled with captains of all ages.

Kevin Marshall, owner of The Fabricator, says “It’s a family tradition!! The waters of the bay run in our blood.” Their brothers, father and uncles have been in these competitions for years. Capt. Paul Jones has been competing for 38 years.

There are also apparently young Captains like Will, Hayden, and Hunter that have been docking for the last year or two, not to be underestimated, those young bucks can dock those boats in the same amount of time as some of the 30-year veterans.

These Chesapeake Cowboys now compete in a tour that runs all over the Eastern Shore of Maryland with Salisbury’s run being every second Saturday in September.

Salisbury’s 9th Annual Boat Dockin’ competition will be held on Saturday September 10 at 1 PM. Tickets can be purchased right at the door, adults $10, free for Children 10 and under.

There will also be a free welcome event on September 9 to welcome the Chesapeake Cowboys as they roll into town. There will apparently be practice runs, live entertainment by Bo Dickerson Band and more!

For more info or questions please visit Brew River Restaurant Fan Page &  the Chesapeake Cowboys website.

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