Officials explain dangers in waist-deep waters

As summer begins to wind down, it’s as important as ever to take precautions when going swimming in the ocean. Many of us know the dangers of deep water but may need a reminder about the dangers in shallow water.

Officials say unexpected waves can come in and wipe people out knocking them to the ocean floor. Ocean City Beach patrol Lieutenant Ward Kovacz says you should only swim with a lifeguard present.

Plus, remember to talk with them about the level of swimmer you are then follow their instructions. But for times when people are hit with unexpected waves in shallow waters.

“Most people like to dive in under the wave just you have to be careful when doing a shallow water dive not a deep water dive because otherwise you can strike your head on the ocean floor so just dive in under the wave before the wave rashes and let the wave pass over them,” says Kovacz.

Ocean City Beach Patrol stresses the importance of beach safety
to ensure a fun-filled beach day.

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