Sadie is a two-year-old german short haired pointer available for adoption through Paws of Tomorrow

adorable — adoptable animals — in search of their forever homes. today — we meet sadie. here’s 47 a-b-c’s leanne guyette. say hello to sadie! this outgoing girl is a two-year-old german short haired pointer. sadie has a beautiful chocolate brown coat — that has lots of speckling — a trait indicative of the breed. her chest and legs are mostly white — with small brown spots throughout. this sweet girl’s snout goes from white to brown — with the brown continuing down her back — before turning back to white halfway down her tail. speaking of sadie’s tail — it doesn’t stop moving — much like the highgh energy girl herself! sadie’s foster mom told me that she loves to play — and run. i took her for a quick jog — but it didn’t really go as planned! although sadie could use a little help learning the proper route — her personality is perfect. she is friendly — and tried to say hi to everyone who went by on the downtown plaza. when she isn’t walking — sadie apparently likes to ride. her foster mom said she does great in the car. sadie is also quite curious — and had a blast sniffing her way through the gardens. every time i turned around — it seemed like her head was buried in a bush — then she’d pop up — and give me those gorgeous honey colored puppy dog eyes! one look — and you’re sure to fall in love! can you find room in your heart for sadie? for 47 a-b-c — i’m leanne guyette. sadie is available for adoption through paws of tomorrow, in ocean view, delaware. her three hundred dollar adoption fee gets her up to date on shots — fixed — and microchipped before she goes to her new home. sadie also gets along great with other dogs — and people of all ages and sizes. for more information about sadie — email adopt at paws of tomorrow dot dog. and if sadie isn’t right for you — they also have several dogs that they are trying to find foster homes for — so if you can help — send them a message! coming up we’ll have a look at what’s coming up

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