For this special "Pets in the Pasture", meet Phoenix, a 20-year-old horse with a pinto coat available for adoption through Changing Fates Equine Rescue in Laurel, Del.

forever home. today — in a special edition of pets in the pasture — we head out to laurel — delaware — to meet phoenix. here’s 47 abc’s leanne guyette. this gorgeous horse is phoenix. she is about 20-years-old and stands around 15 hands high. phoenix has what is called a pinto — or painted coat — which has large brown and white spots covering her body. her mane is mostly white — with one dark spot — but her tail his quite unique with an ombre effect going from light to dark. changing fates equine rescue says that phoenix is the perfect trail horse. she doesn’t spook easily — and is rather calm overall. that trait was evident when she even let me climb on her back for a ride! 11-year-old ivorie — a volunteer with the rescue — hopped off — and then helped me up — and assisted us around the pen. it was great — with both phoenix and ivorie doing a fabulous job of making my day! phoenix has been at the rescue for a while — but i’m not sure why. this girl is super sweet — and was happy to stand still while i stroked her snout. she was unfazed by the camera and stranger in her face — and quite content with the extra love. can you find room in your heart for phoenix? for 47 abc — i’m leanne guyette. phoenix is available for adoption through changing fates equine rescue — in laurel — delaware — for a fee of seven hundred dollars. the adoption also includes a lifetime contract — meaning that the rescue will stay in touch through the life of the horse. for more information about phoenix — or volunteering with changing fates — visit their website changing fates equine dot org. coming up we’ll have a look at what’s coming

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