UPDATE: Three people being treated for rabies after rabid cat found in West OC

After a rabid cat was found in a West Ocean City townhome community back in June, officials say three people are being treated for rabies exposure.

The Worcester County Sheriff’s Office says after a wild feral cat from a colony of wild feral cats tested positive for rabies, three people were found to have been exposed and are now undergoing treatment. Worcester County Animal Control says they have been working to protect the community by removing other wild animals that have been exposed to the deadly rabies disease in order to reduce the risk to the community.

Officials are reminding residents that trying to approach, contact, or feed wild animals is dangerous to humans and that this includes feral cats. Leaving food out for feral cats or any other wild animal will invite the risk of potential exposure to humans of a deadly disease, according to officials.

The Sheriff’s Office said in a release on Thursday, “Rabid animals exhibit many different symptoms of the disease. The disease can incubate in an animal for about six months or longer. There is no way of knowing how many animals have been exposed to the disease, therefore it would be in the best interest of the community not to attempt to approach any wild feral cat or any other wild animal.”

Officials say that cases of rabies have been confirmed in several different species of wild animals in Worcester County. The Berlin Police Department said on their Facebook page that there have been five investigations of rabies in Berlin, with two testing positive. The cases reportedly involved three raccoons, two groundhogs, and a fox.

For more information about the risks and symptoms of rabies please contact the Worcester County Animal Control at 410-632-1340 and or the Worcester County Health Department at 410-641-9559 or visit their website.

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