Delmarva’s first heat wave of summer to hit

Whether you love it or hate it,  summer heat is here. Delmarva’s first heatwave of the summer is expected to hit this week.

“I don’t mind it,” says Salisbury resident Chris Phillips. “It’s not too bad, but it’s better when you’re younger and don’t have any responsibilities. You get to run around all day long, you know? Still got to work in the heat.”

A heat wave is classified in this region  as high temperatures, 90 degrees and above, for three or more consecutive days.

According to the Dorchester County Health Department, heat stroke is among the most serious risks. It’s a condition generally marked by heavy sweating and rapid pulse. Left untreated, heat stroke can cause brain, heart, and kidney damage.

Bryce Strang, Public Health Emergency Planner for the department, says the biggest prevention key is staying hydrated. He says dehydration is the leading cause of heat exhaustion, which could lead to heat stroke.

“If you’re working outside, 16 to 32 ounces of water per hour. You know, the harder you’re working, the more water you’re going to want to intake,” explains Strang.

Another tip is to ditch the dark clothing and go for something lighter, both in colors and material.

“Darker shade clothing absorbs the sun more,” says Strang,. “Of course hotter clothing, the more hot you’re going to get. You won’t be able to get though that heat, you won’t be able to swear if you’re wearing longer sleeved clothing, your skin won’t breathe as well.”

Strang tells 47ABC, heat illnesses play no favorites and prevention is in the hands of individuals and any caretakers.

“Whether it’s family, friends, or neighbors, just check on them regularly. At least twice a day for adults, even more frequently for young children,” he says.

According to the Red Cross, it’s also important to slow down and take breaks if you work outside. Find a full list of recommendations here.

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